Gaming and Nightclub
Security Consultant
National Expert Witness

Alan W. Zajic is a nationally-recognized, board-certified expert in security and surveillance, with over 35 years of practical, hands on experience. Alan is a court-certified expert in many jurisdictions across the US, making him the obvious choice for your professional representation.

Security Consulting Services

  • Casino, Hotel & Resort Facilities
  • Bars & Night Clubs
  • Apartments, Multiple Unit Housing & Home Owners Associations
  • Project and Temporary Management Services
  • Security Management Consulting
  • Land-based, Tribal and Riverboat gaming environments throughout North America
  • Customized Training Programs in Security and Surveillance applications

Expert Witness Services

  • Security Litigation & Premises Liability
  • Defense and Plaintiff Cases
  • Deposition, Trial, Mediation & Arbitration Testimony
  • Trial Consulting Services, Mitigation Strategy Development
  • Case Consultations and Reviews
  • Land-based, Tribal, Racing and Riverboat gaming environments throughout the United States

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