Casino Security Expert

Alan W. Zajic, CPP, CSP, ICSP has been accepted in numerous courts as an expert in security, gaming security, surveillance, bars and nightclubs, retail operations and other areas. He performs forensic security consulting for both defense and plaintiff, and has a proven track record of favorable verdicts for clients to include case evaluations, mitigating damages, arbitration and mediation preparation and preparing for settlement negotiations all the way through testimony at deposition and trial testimony in basic or complex security litigations.

He is a licensed security consultant in Nevada which allows for all types of investigation and field work to include site inspections, interviews, measurements and all aspects of security consulting. Nevada requires that any security consultant submit for background and suitability and be licensed and insured to perform professional security consulting.

As an experienced based expert he has a well-grounded grasp of security operations and has the ability to communicate to the judge or jury in a meaningful, focused and understandable manner. He is knowledgeable in the civil procedures to include the process of discovery and the preparation of comprehensive expert disclosure reports. He prepares professional trial exhibits and demonstrative exhibits for clear and concise communication to the trier of fact for the best possible presentation to assist in obtaining a favorable verdict. His security experience includes the areas of hotels, casinos, retail operations, nightclubs, bars, theaters, parking lots & garages, multi-unit housing, special events arenas and venues, surveillance, entertainment, dignitary protection, asset protection, guest protection, arrest and detention, investigation, supervision, training and others.

He has conducted specialized training in casino/gaming security and surveillance management for the University of Nevada in the Gaming management program at UNR and at the International Gaming Institute at UNLV. In addition he has conducted sessions at international security conferences on the subjects to include the Global Gaming Conference (G2E), International Security Conferences (ISC), Nightclub and Bar Show, Southern California Surveillance Symposium, Table Games Conference, and the ASIS International Annual Seminar and Exhibits.

Alan is a long standing member of ASIS International where he holds the security designation of Certified Protection Professional (CPP) and is a member of the International Association of Certified Surveillance Professional where he holds the surveillance designation of Certified Surveillance Professional. (CSP) He is also a member of the International Society of Crime Prevention Practitioners (ISCPP) and holds their Designation of International Crime Prevention Specialist. (ICPS) Alan is also a subject matter expert and Track Advisor for the American Gaming Association and the Global Gaming Exposition (G2E).

His experience as an immediate Past Council Vice President for ASIS International with oversight of the Gaming and Wagering Protection Council, Banking and Financial Institutions Council, Hospitality, Entertainment and Tourism Council and the Retail Security Council gives him expanded knowledge for applying his expertise to consulting and litigation. He continues as a long standing member of the International Gaming and Wagering Protection Council.

References and past clients are available upon request. Initial consultations include an initial conflict check for named parties, retention, business associations and basic fact pattern for consideration of expert services.