Services Offered

Alan Zajic offers the following
Security Consulting Services

  • Forensic Security Consulting (Expert Witness) ? Litigation and Claims

    Forensic casino/hotel and bar/nightclub security expert with experience in cases involving Liquor Liability and Dram Shop, negligence cases involving robbery, assault and battery, sexual assault, homicide, wrongful death, and Intentional Tort cases involving assault and battery, false imprisonment, false arrest and detention, excessive force, and inadequate security involving training, supervision, negligent entrustment, hiring and retention.

    Services include expert witness testimony, trial preparation and strategy, trial consulting, design of courtroom graphics of evidence and case evaluations. Testimony at deposition, trial, arbitrations and mediations is available.

  • Consulting Services

    Security consulting in the areas of security management, guest protection, policy and procedures review and development, risk and vulnerability analysis, security audits, personnel training programs, emergency planning and Corporate and Enterprise-level consulting.

    Specialized programs provided include Active Shooter and Robbery policy and procedure development to include prevention, response, crime scene protection, disaster management and recovery, and managing press/media post events.

  • Forensic Services

    Incident, claim or litigation consulting to include evidence retention, video analysis, documentation and retention, witness interviewing and assessment, photography and video documentation, historical research and notice issues.

    Major Incident response to Active Shooter incidents to include documentation, photography and evidence collection once a crime scene is released from Law Enforcement to prevent spoliation of evidence issues in potential litigation cases and to preserve valuable evidence.

  • Project Management Services

    A unique service providing specific security project management and temporary management services during escrow periods, executive recruitment periods and for training new security managers and directors is available to clients.

  • Customized Training Programs

    Customized professional training programs in gaming security and nightclub operations to include guest protection, casino and hotel patrol techniques and tactics, nightclub security deployment, report writing and communications, bar and nightclub security operations, investigations, arrest and detention, use of force, active shooter and robbery response and customer courtesy/public relations.